Why I Ditched My Sugar Babe BusinessWhy I Ditched My Sugar Babe Business

When I had been working for London escorts for about 8 years, I felt like doing something different. But, what can you do when you have worked for London escorts almost since you left school? It is something that many outcall London escorts end up asking themselves. Often you will find that former escorts in London save up their money before they leave their escort agency. They train to do something else while they are still working for London escorts on a part-time basis. I have lost count of how many former escorts in London now work as nail technicians and massage specialists.

Working in beauty is an okay job, but it does not really pay that well. If you can’t work from home, it can cost you a lot of money to travel to work. I am sure that there are many former London escorts who appreciate quickly that the beauty industry is not everything that it is made out to be. That is why I decided that I would check out the alternatives before I left London escorts and gave up my regular income.

As I did not want to do anything run of the mill, I ended up checking out the alternatives. I knew that many London escorts have side gigs going on. One of the most popular side gigs include setting up your own escort Sugar Babe service. Some London escorts do very well as Sugar Babes. After all, the job is not so different from working for an escort agency in London. The operating procedures are different and takes some getting used to, but the two careers are not a million miles away.

Anyway, I registered on a Sugar Babe website and it was not long before I heard from a couple of guys. Did I tell them that I worked for a London escorts agency? I soon realised that telling a guy that I worked for a London escorts agency was not a smart thing to do. Instead I just acted as your average Sugar Babe and my Sugar Daddies seemed to love me. But, despite all of that, I was not sure that being a Sugar Babe was the right career move for me. Yes, I did earn a living from it, but it was not what I had expected to be.

When I had been working as a Sugar Babe for two years, I decided to ditch my Sugar Babe career and go back to working for London escorts. There are a few downsides to working as a Sugar Babe in London. First of all, you have to more or less beg for everything. Often a lot of men will agree to one deal, only to go back on it later. Some men are very generous and then go get those who expect something for nothing. It is hard work and you have to keep your eyes on the ball all of the time. Most Sugar Babes have other jobs to provide them with security and an income. I can get that at London escorts so I decided to ditch my Sugar Babe profile and go back to escorting instead.

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Tips to Build Up Good RelationshipTips to Build Up Good Relationship

When my husband has a lot of going on and he’ll be sitting in his man cave and he’ll be working on something. And you know, a project or whatever. Maybe he’s on the computer or something like that. If I just go in there and I slide my hands right around his shoulders and his neck. And I just start massaging and rubbing his neck, he melts right there in the chair.

It is amazing. I can literally feel his energy calm right down. When I am having that experience with him and we’re having that, you know, I’m touching his body and he’s feeling me touches his body. And he’s feeling me loved and appreciate him. Just act that new level. And it doesn’t have to be very long. It doesn’t have to be like, you know, an hour massage. Just like a nice little, you know, even if it is 2 minutes, 2 minutes. Just to rub his neck and let him know that I love him, I appreciate him and I care about him. And I’m really grateful for what he does for our family. So, that one makes a good, big difference. Now, when you do the massage, you want to make sure, like really like getting in to these, these muscles right here.

The one’s that’s right here by the neck. That where men carry a lot of stress. And a lot, you know, on their shoulders. So, really get in to that area right there. It will make a huge difference for how you feel connected. And when you feel connected to him, he’s going to feel connected to you and that will seriously spice up your life, you love life. 

This is a fun one. It’s okay to just like have a visual surprise. When you’re, you know, having a lot of going on in your life. And he’s going his direction and your going in your direction. And maybe you haven’t a lot of time to be together. Every once in a while a little visual surprise is kind of fun for him. Men are so… They’re just visual. They want… What’s in front of them, what they see really goes inside of their mind and in their body. And if you can give them that little visual surprise, oh my goodness, you’ve just got him in the palm of your hand my friend.

So, every once in a while I give him that visual surprise. Might be just a little neck or shoulder. But you know, every once in a while maybe even more than that, that’s a good idea. To just have that little extra spice in your life and your love life. 

When my husband… When he’s got his mind so consumed and so full of all the different responsibilities that he has, when I take a moment and really let him know that he matters. He loves it. And it just make him feel like, what he’s doing is… Has a purpose, has a reason. When he feels that he matters to you and when he feels that he matters to your family, your kids, maybe the people that he works with, maybe the neighbors, whoever. When he feels he matters, when he feels he’s important. He can do so much more in his life. And that will seriously spice up your love life. 

And when you have an experience where you both going in different directions, it’s just those small little moments that you can do. These simple, simple things that will keep that connection and keep that love of life and love spiced up in your marriage or your love life. And that’s what I got for you today. Hey, I’d love to know. Which of the things that you’re going to try to spice up your relationship? Let me know in the comments below. Hey, if you have watched this far, go ahead and subscribe. So you can get more and we’ll see you tomorrow..

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